Thursday, February 11, 2010

GATCHAMAN, CCU ME 1999 performance (科學小飛俠-中正機械1999年合唱比賽)


This video clip documents a part of 1999 chorus competition of undergraduates in Chungcheng Univ., Taiwan. ( Performers in this clip were then undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering Dept.

The first song was the anthem of Chungcheng Univ.; the 2nd the localized version of the theme song from Japanese animation series GATCHAMAN
( during its premiere in Taiwan back in the 1980's as it had been. The song has been a piece of remembrance common to kids of those days and even years later (due to re-runs).

Performers dressed themselves like protagonists in Gatchaman - with one-use raincoats and motorcycle helmets, cheap but brilliant; the conductor even crazily aped Dr. Kozaburo Nambu, the director of Gatchaman - wearing a laboratory coat.

中正大學機械系1999年合唱比賽錄影,演唱指定曲(中正校歌)和「科學小飛俠」。吉 他伴奏。


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